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Weighted Products

Weighted products include weighted blankets and weighted lap pads, shoulder wraps, and weighted shoulder pets.

Weighted Products
Weighted Lap Blankets

Weighted lap blankets give the same sort of effect as full weighted blankets, but smaller so you can use them out and about and so they fit nicely across your knees or shoulders.

They are perfect for at the dinner table, in school, at work, on the sofa, or at your desk. 

At home my partner and I have one at our computer desk, and a large one each for lounging on the sofa.


500g is perfect for preschool

800g is great for primary age children, or adults without sensory differences

1-3kg + is excellent for teenagers and adults

Choose either one to go on your knee, or you can have one to go around your shoulders- do you like piling things on your knee when you sit, or does wearing a heavy bag help to ground you?

Let me know if you have a specific special interest or pattern that you like, and I can design a lap blanket just exactly for you! 

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