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Choices For Weighted Blanket Orders

This page is all about ordering weighted blankets, and the different options of fabrics and fillings. 

If you'd like to have more information about how weighted blankets can help you or your children, please go to the weighted blanket FAQ here


Fabric Pattern Choices

There are a lot of fabric options for custom weighted blankets; patterns such as floral or forest, graphics such as dinosaurs or sports, and character such as Harry Potter and Paw Patrol. 

Below I include photographs of the different fabrics that are currently available. 

Use the search function if you have a design in mind. 

If you don't find a design that you like, then get in touch and I can see what I can find. 




Forest pattern- green and parchment with a pinstriped backing


Blue and white Cuban pattern

Grey Stripes                                                           Orange and White Stripes

Purple/Lilac Stripes                     Candy Stripes                        Pink Lace                 Blue And Red Pinstripes

White Floral                                   Animal Print, Leopard and White Tiger                     Blue Modern Floral



Here is a list of some of the character theme (TV, game, toy characters) materials. It is very easy for me to find others though, so if you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to ask.                          

Doctor Who

Pink Star Wars


Colourful Thomas

Mickey and Goofy


Nexo Knights

Paw Patrol Pink

Harry Potter Glasses


Blue and white sports print                                          Stars on blue

Love and Peace              Halloween                        Alphabet And Numbers






Fluffy and Fleece Backs



Tiger Stripes

Grey Dimpled




Moss green


Brick red



Glow in the dark fluffy

Light Pink unicorn

Bright Pink Flamingo

Purple Mermaid

Green Hexagons

Fawn Triangles


Weighted Blanket Price List

This chart shows the recommended size, weight of and prices of weighted blankets for people of different ages.

The weight chosen should be approximately 10% of the users body weight, plus 0.5-1kg for children.

For people who are not autistic and don’t have a sensory disorder, the blanket needs to be lighter, so for an adult between 4-8kg works best.

Blanket Upgrades:

If you want a fleece backing + £7

Having a fluffy backing + £14

Glow in the dark fluffy backing + £16

To have a glass granule filling (smoother feeling and thinner blanket) + £25

Names and designs can also be embroidered on the blanket. Get in touch to find out more.

Due to high demand, sometimes weighted blanket orders are shut down whilst previous orders are being completed. If you'd like to get a notification when the orders are next open please sign up below

I will never pass on your email to a third party, and will only ever contact you with blanket availability notifications

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