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Commission your very own bear with some of the features that make you special.

I will hand stitch a customised bear with the disabilities/differences that you choose.

The bear will be handsewn from soft fabric in colours of your choice. They are 22cm tall (15cm sitting down), and their arms and legs move independently so they can sit down and lie down/stand up.

Some examples of differences available are:

Scoliosis casting

AFOs/Ankle orthotics

Wrist splints


O2 nose cannula

Knee splints

Hearing aids

Peg tube

Feeding tube

Limb differences (including phocomelia)


Autism/neurodiversity infinity sign


A grey bear with:

-Awareness ribbons and awareness colours

-a magnetic NG feeding tube and bag

-a stoma scar with magnetic stoma and stoma bag

-IV tubes

Customise your disabled bear