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Currently closed as James is too unwell

Thanks so much to all who donated!

Pay-as-you-can Charity Blankets

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Although we keep the prices for our blankets and other products as low as possible they're still out of reach of some people. Despite financial planning and hard work, disabled folk, and families with disabled children face more financial difficulties than abled families.


Adapted James products are the kind of thing that all those who need them should be able to take for granted rather than being seen as a luxury. 

This is why we came up with our campaign to accept donations that will pay for products delivered to those who need them.


Please donate money or share this campaign with those who might need our products or be able to make a donation by using the buttons below.


We are transparent with the amount of money raised and what we are doing with it, so you should feel assured that 100% of donations are going directly to getting weighted blankets for those who need them most. 

Financial Research
why fund needed

Families with disabled children have an income roughly 23.5% below that of the mean income in the UK. And, the cost of raising a disabled child is roughly three times that of raising an abled child. Click here to find out more

A study in the USA found that having an autistic child resulted in a 14% drop in family income in comparison to families with neurotypical children. Click here to find out more.

On top of this, the recent tax and benefit reforms in the UK are cutting 13% (average £5,500) off the annual income of families with both a disabled adult and a disabled child. Those with just a disabled child will lose £3,300 on average per year. This is in comparison to the 1% income loss experienced through tax and benefit reforms for the top earners in the UK. Link to the data is here.

Where the money goes
where mony goes

£480 - paypal fees=  £455  total blanket funding thus far 

3 blankets completed and sent out, and one in progress, leaving £0 left in the fund

We source our donations through PayPal, as this is a widely used and secure service. This does mean that they take 3.4% of all donations and 20p per donation on top of that. 

The rest of the money is used to make the blankets- fabric is bought, and James (the autistic, disabled creator)  is paid roughly a living wage for the time he spends sewing each blanket (not for any of the other work that is done). 
This is all striving to try to create the most fair system for creating and distributing weighted blankets, not only for the donation scheme but also for the ‘regular’ ones. 
We don’t believe in profiting off other people’s needs when it creates such inequalities. 


Here is the first weighted blanket made. 
The recipient chose space cats fabric for one side, and mustard on the other. 

It is adult size, and so cost £105.


The recipient paid £5 + shipping, so this withdrew £100 from the fund

Sent within the UK


The one I am currently working on is an adult wide sized weighted blanket which is in the same galaxy print as the last one. 

It is for an autistic adult with anxiety in the United States. 

The adult wide blanket costs £125, and we are not sure yet how much the recipient will be able to contribute. 

These two next ones are adult wide size for two autistic brothers with complex needs.

One is galaxy print and another is music notes theme. 

They are adult wide size, so cost £125 each.

The recipient paid £20 + shipping, so this withdrew £230 from the fund

Sent within the UK

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