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Apply for a discounted weighted blanket

Currently the waiting list is 8 people, which will be at least 3 months

If you would like to join the wait list for a custom weighted blanket, please fill in the form below. 

The blanket can be in a design of your choosing in smooth cotton and weighted using poly pellets. 

The question about the income of your household can be an estimation. it is just to see if you are living with an income below the poverty line. You can still apply if your income is higher than the £15,000 limit, but will need to write a reason in the 'anything else we should know' section. 

Once the form is filled in, you will be contacted with a wait list number and be let know where in the queue you are. 

You can opt to pay for an amount of your blanket, which will allow us to help more people. Everyone is needed to pay for the postage for the blanket to be posted to you (which will cost between £6.99-£25 depending on if you live in the UK, and how heavy the blanket is).

Currently there are 8 people on the wait list.

If you haven't been contacted yet, it means that you are more than 2 people down on the list- please be patient because I will get to you 

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