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Adapted Clothing

The adapted clothes I make include button down shirts that actually do up using magnets although it still looks like they are fastened using buttons- these are great for at school and work when you are wanting to look your smartest. 

Also school cardigans, pajamas, trousers, and jeans which fasten using velcro. The trousers and jeans have a neon coloured bit of velcro at the top to make it easier to line them up correctly.

I also do trousers and jeans with velcro openings at the ankles to make it possible to wear 'stylish' trousers whilst still accomodating AFOs or leg casts. 

There are a lot of reasons as to why someone may find dressing tricky, from dyspraxia to using AFOs to arthritis to cerebral palsy and anything in between. 

I myself have dyspraxia, and remember so many times as a child when I felt about to burst into tears when being told off for 'dillying' (being slow) to get dressed when I had to do up fiddly buttons. 

This is why I have created a collection of clothing designed to make you feel your best whilst still being accessible to those with disabilties. 


I also take custom orders and can transform your favourite fiddly clothes into your favourite easy to wear clothes, or create the piece of clothing that you want. 

Just send me an email, and we can work out how best to meet your needs. 

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