About James

James is a disabled autistic adult from South East England. He studied for a short time at St Andrews university in Scotland before heading back down south when his heath worsened. 

He decided to take his love for helping people, and for designing and sewing to create Adapted James at the start of 2017. 

He enjoys talking to others and can often help troubleshoot problems or, at least, provide a sympathetic ear.

He has personal experience (and special interest knowledge) of autism, sensory processing problems, auditory processing problems, dyslexia, dyspraxia, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, and mental health problems.

Why purchase from Adapted James?


As an autistic person with neurodivergence, mental ill health, and chronic illness, James has an ‘inside’ knowledge of the benefits of deep pressure therapy (weighted products).

  • My products are cheaper than competitors, giving you a bespoke product at economy prices

  • The products are tailored to suit your own sensory needs and requirements, giving you complete control over the fabric designs to suit your tastes and  interests. There are options for hypoallergenic fillings and fabrics for even the most specific health requirements

  • Adapted James' products are machine washable and easy to clean

In addition, you are able to talk with an expert free of charge, about your requirements and what would be most beneficial to you or your child

You will be supporting a small autistic businesses. All products are designed and made by James, not a machine or production line